Thursday, July 23, 2009

NEW ARRIVAL: My Little Golden Book of Manners

My Little Golden Book Of Manners, Peggy Parrish & Richard Scarry $4.95
Conversation between kid two and father:
"My favorite part is when they eat watermelon. I like the flamingo best because it's pink."
"What do you think of this picture?" (it's a picture of a strange looking boar)
"Dad what is your favorite part of the book?"
"I like the elephant with a one-way train ticket and pink checkered pants. He's also my favorite character because of his snappy hat."
"Dad, what part don't you like?"
"I don't like the alligator because he might bite somebody and he's not doing a good job covering his mouth. "
"My least favorite part is when the alligators sneezes too."