Thursday, July 23, 2009

NEW ARRIVAL: My Little Golden Book of Manners

My Little Golden Book Of Manners, Peggy Parrish & Richard Scarry $4.95
Conversation between kid two and father:
"My favorite part is when they eat watermelon. I like the flamingo best because it's pink."
"What do you think of this picture?" (it's a picture of a strange looking boar)
"Dad what is your favorite part of the book?"
"I like the elephant with a one-way train ticket and pink checkered pants. He's also my favorite character because of his snappy hat."
"Dad, what part don't you like?"
"I don't like the alligator because he might bite somebody and he's not doing a good job covering his mouth. "
"My least favorite part is when the alligators sneezes too."

Friday, July 17, 2009

FEATURED: Emily's Art

Emily's Art by Peter Catalanotto (HB) $9.95
Um, they all drawed and painted. My favorite part was when one of them painted a butterfly. I didn't like it when they went to the nurse, 'cause I was kind of afraid of when they drawed the dinosaur they would get in trouble. The person who looked at their paintings was not very nice and the dog ripped her dress. Their teacher liked all of them (the pictures) and the judge didn't like the dog. When the nurse stuck a Popsicle stick in her mouth she said (Emily) that her heart hurted. A good book.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

FEATURED: Sam And The Firefly

Sam And The Firefly by P.D. Eastman

Hardcover. $6.95

"I like it because the firefly makes all kinds of words with his light. Lightening bugs can make words. Well, the owl's a little weird. Um, the owl is telling the firefly he's doing bad stuff, but he's not and then he goes zoom, zoom, zoom... and then up, down, up, down! Then he's making these words: Stop! Go! and Stop! Go! and then these cars crash!"

Monday, February 16, 2009

On the fifteenth, at a baptism, I saw my godfather (he suggested that I write this)

He thinks, and my father agrees that I should make him give me more presents (weird that he doesn't give me presents, yet he tells me to make him give me presents), but the thing is what should I make him give me??????????????????? He suggested a pony (where do I keep a pony in Philly?) or a hot air balloon. My dad suggested 1,000$ What do you think he should give me? Leave a comment letting me know.

I'll give a list of things I like:

Books (obvious)


Money to buy my own gifts

Fashion designing

School (weird right? I used to be in love with it, and couldn't wait for the weekend to be over, but now in fifth grade I don't even mind summer vacation)

Clothes (better let me pick my own)

Target gift cards

Movies (Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, e.t.c)

Vacations/ plane tickets (I'm saving for Minnesota, Colorado, or Florida)

I guess that's it. I saw a cute blog the other day called Fifi Lapin (check it out)
also check out my mom's blog
Alright please comment on what you think I should ask him for

As always, thank for reading


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