Monday, February 16, 2009

On the fifteenth, at a baptism, I saw my godfather (he suggested that I write this)

He thinks, and my father agrees that I should make him give me more presents (weird that he doesn't give me presents, yet he tells me to make him give me presents), but the thing is what should I make him give me??????????????????? He suggested a pony (where do I keep a pony in Philly?) or a hot air balloon. My dad suggested 1,000$ What do you think he should give me? Leave a comment letting me know.

I'll give a list of things I like:

Books (obvious)


Money to buy my own gifts

Fashion designing

School (weird right? I used to be in love with it, and couldn't wait for the weekend to be over, but now in fifth grade I don't even mind summer vacation)

Clothes (better let me pick my own)

Target gift cards

Movies (Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, e.t.c)

Vacations/ plane tickets (I'm saving for Minnesota, Colorado, or Florida)

I guess that's it. I saw a cute blog the other day called Fifi Lapin (check it out)
also check out my mom's blog
Alright please comment on what you think I should ask him for

As always, thank for reading


Brickbat Rox